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This paper reports on the advancement in the research and development of aeronautical satellite communications within the EU framework. Starting from key aspects such as spectrum regulatory and marketing issues which affect the development of aeronautical communication systems, discussion on the motivation behind the two EU projects, ABATE and WirelessCabin(More)
This paper addresses the traffic dimensioning for aeronautical services. Specifically, it focuses on wireless services such as UMTS and W-LAN in aircraft cabins that connect the passenger via satellite to terrestrial infrastructure. A multi-service model is presented with specific bit rate and traffic characteristics for manifold services. Furthermore it is(More)
  • Axel Jahn
  • Int. J. Satellite Communications Networking
  • 2001
E$cient resource management is mandatory to achieve maximum system capacity for next generation communications systems. Resource management deals with the available spectral band, time, power, and space for a transmission signal. It includes (i) the frequency planning, (ii) the selection of transmit power, and (iii) the assignment of the channels and access(More)