Axel Hummel

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A cornerstone in Domain-Specific Modeling is the definition of modeling languages. A widely used method to formalize domain-specific languages is the metamodeling approach. There are a huge number of metamodeling languages. The choice of a suitable metamodeling approach is a challenging task because there is often a lack of knowledge about the selection(More)
The radiation risk of patients undergoing invasive cardiology remains considerable and includes skin injuries and cancer. To date, submillisievert coronary angiography has not been considered feasible. In 2011, we compared results from 100 consecutive patients undergoing elective coronary angiography using the latest-generation flat-panel angiography system(More)
| Bundesgesundheitsbl Gesundheitsforsch Gesundheitsschutz 12•2002 1006 Zur Bestimmung der mikrobiologischen Parameter nach § 15 Abs.1 TrinkwV 2001 [1] sind die in der Anlage 5 Nr. 1. angegebenen Nachweisverfahren als Referenzverfahren vorgegeben. Diese Verfahren sind prinzipiell andere als die in der TrinkwV 1990 [2] angegebenen. Während in der TrinkwV(More)
Atlantooccipital rupture is a rare ligamentous injury, which is usually accompanied by multiple trauma. Literature and personal communications report of 30 patients with such an injury. Long term survival is known in 18 cases, but there were severe neurological deficits in two cases. Reports of five of our own patients are presented. Death occurred after a(More)
The optimal configuration of an online store is a challenging task. Nowadays store managers decide on basis of their expert knowledge. This decision making is insufficient because their choices are often nontransparent and the effects of their decisions are difficult to predict. An example of this problem is the optimal configuration of payment methods that(More)
The social environment of a person has a high influence of his or her consumer behaviour. Social networks transfer these social environments to the online world and enable a targeted influence on the customers purchasing behaviour by word of mouth from their social contacts. With the rapid spread of social networks and the increasing resistance to(More)
Atlantookzipitale ZerreisBungen sind rein ligamentäre Verletzungen, die sich fast ausnahmslos im Rahmen schwerer Polytraumen ereignen. Aus der Literatur sind uns 28 und aus rein persönlichen Mitteilungen drei weitere Fälle dieser seltenen Verletzung bekannt geworden. Nur 18 Patienten haben die atlantookzipitale Ruptur langfristig überlebt, drei allerdings(More)
The median dose area products (DAP) and effective doses (ED) of patients arising from coronary angiography (CA) are considerable: According the 2013 National German Registry, they amount to 19.8 Gy × cm2 and 4.0 mSv, respectively. We investigated the feasibility of prospective electrocardiogram (ECG)-gated coronary angiography (CA)—a novel technique in(More)
In dieser Übersicht werden die nichtrhythmogene und nichtvalvuläre Form der Herzinsuffizienz besprochen, also die Myokardinsuffizienz im engeren Sinne. Neben der Bestimmung der natriuretischen Peptide ist die Echokardiographie eine wichtige diagnostische Methode, mit deren Hilfe Myokardinsuffizienzen mit erhaltener systolischer Funktion (HF-PEF) und mit(More)