Axel Helmer

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Evermore people are suffering from multi-morbidity, an accumulation of different afflictions that mutually affect each other. Simultaneously treatments which were previously conducted stationary are nowadays carried out in home settings. Therefore more and more ICT is employed to support such treatments. However, most of these systems are isolated and not(More)
In diesem Beitrag werden technische Komponenten des niedersächsi-schen Forschungsverbundes Gestaltung altersgerechter Lebenswelten (GAL) vor-gestellt, die einen Beitrag zur Berücksichtigung der rechtlichen Anforderungen des Datenschutzes und der informationellen Selbstbestimmung leisten. Im Wesentli-chen sind dies die persönliche Elektronische(More)
Using technology to support users in healthy living undoubtedly has a high potential. With the availability of low-cost consumer medical devices, these technologies now more and more become part of a digital lifestyle. We present a system which integrates multiple such sensors into a joint system to enable a unified view on a user's health. The acquired(More)
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