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Providing health care and assistance at home becomes more and more important due to the aging society and - in general - a health system under financial pressure. It is generally accepted that these services have to be supported by an eHealth infrastructure that enables the exchange of patient related data between different health institutions and(More)
For an improvement of the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) we developed a concept and prototype of a sensor-enhanced health information system. This system includes a component that is monitoring the rehabilitation training and automatically controls the target load for the exercise on the basis of his(More)
The electronic Journal of Health Informatics (ISSN: 1446-4381) is an international journal committed to scholarly excellence and dedicated to the advancement of Health Informatics and information technology in healthcare. Abstract Empowering people to play an active role in their own healthcare influences their health state positively. PHRs' features and(More)
Behavioral experiments to determine the sensory performance of mice or rats often require the measurement of the animal's head gaze. Nevertheless, commercial systems for video tracking of laboratory animals are often restricted to tracking of the body position and sometimes the nose position, leading to defective estimates of the gaze direction or require(More)
Evermore people are suffering from multi-morbidity, an accumulation of different afflictions that mutually affect each other. Simultaneously treatments which were previously conducted stationary are nowadays carried out in home settings. Therefore more and more ICT is employed to support such treatments. However, most of these systems are isolated and not(More)
Providing patients with access to their medical data has recently evolved as a topic in several countries. Different approaches are possible. For example patient portals are used for patient access towards medical data. The University Hospital Heidelberg is engaged in a research project to develop a personal cross-enterprise electronic health record (PEHR).(More)