Axel Halin

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Though variability is everywhere, there has always been a shortage of publicly available cases for assessing variability-aware tools and techniques as well as supports for teaching variability-related concepts. Historical software product lines contains industrial secrets their owners do not want to disclose to a wide audience. The open source community(More)
A Halin graph, defined by Halin [3], is a plane graph H = T ∪ C such that T is a spanning tree of H with no vertices of degree 2 where |T | ≥ 4 and C is a cycle whose vertex set is the set of leaves of T . In his work, as an example of a class of edge-minimal 3-connected plane graphs, Halin constructed this family of plane graphs, which have many(More)
Many approaches for testing configurable software systems start from the same assumption: it is impossible to test all configurations. This motivated the definition of variability-aware abstractions and sampling techniques to cope with large configuration spaces. Yet, there is no theoretical barrier that prevents the exhaustive testing of all configurations(More)
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