Axel Gänsslen

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A fundamental step in Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) is the registration, when the preoperative virtual data and the corresponding operative anatomy of the region of interest are merged. To provide exact landmarks for anatomical registration, a tubular external fixator was modified. Two intact pelvic bones (one artificial foam pelvis and one cadaver(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the suggestion that the inflammatory response in traumatized children is functionally unique, prognostic markers predicting pediatric multiple organ failure are lacking. We intended to verify whether Interleukin-6 (IL-6) displays a pivotal role in pediatric trauma similar to adults. METHODS Traumatized children less than 18 years of age(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Acetabular fractures are often combined with associated injuries to the hip joint. Some of these associated injuries seem to be responsible for poor long-term results and these injuries seem to affect the outcome independent of the quality of the acetabular reduction. The aim of our study was to analyze the outcome of both column(More)
Several studies exist describing the biomechanical behavior of several external or internal fixation techniques of the posterior and anterior pelvic ring. Recently, the traditional models using isolated anatomical sections or fixed pelvic ring specimens for evaluation of linear or two-dimensional data have been replaced by three-dimensional measurement(More)
A s concussion awareness and diagnosis has changed significantly, there is wide variability in the literature on the epidemiology of concussion. The incidence of sports-related concussion in high school and collegiate athletes is 0.28 per 1000 athlete-exposures, or 5% of the total number of injuries across different sports. 11,24 This equates to 1.6 to 3.8(More)
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