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The procapsid of the Bacillus subtilis bacteriophage SPP1 is formed by the major capsid protein gp13, the scaffolding protein gp11, the portal protein gp6, and the accessory protein gp7. The protein stoichiometry suggests a T=7 symmetry for the SPP1 procapsid. Overexpression of SPP1 procapsid proteins in Escherichia coli leads to formation of biologically(More)
In vitro packaging of bacteriophage SPP1 DNA into procapsids is described and the requirements of this process were determined. Combination of proheads with an extract supplying terminase, DNA and phage tails yielded up to 10(7 )viable phages per milliliter of in vitro reaction under optimized conditions. The presence of neutral polymers and polyamines had(More)
In tailed icosahedral bacteriophages the connection between the 5-fold symmetric environment of the portal vertex in the capsid and the 6-fold symmetric phage tail is formed by a complex interface structure. The current study provides the detailed analysis of the assembly and structural organisation of such an interface within a phage having a long tail.(More)
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