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We describe an approach to mechanically prove the correct-ness of BURS speciications and show how such a tool can be connected with BURS based back-end generators 9]. The proofs are based on the operational semantics of both source and target system languages spec-iied by means of Abstract State Machines 14]. In 27] we decomposed the correctness condition(More)
We present a framework for formalizing the semantics of expression evaluation using Abstract State Machines. Many programming languages allow some non-determinism for evaluating expressions. The semantics only have in common that arguments are evaluated before an operator is applied. The evaluation of one argument may be interleaved with the evaluation of(More)
We report on a large formal verification effort in mechanically proving correct a compiling specification for a realistic bootstrap compiler from ComLisp (a subset of ANSI Common Lisp sufficiently expressive to serve as a compiler implementation language) to binary Transputer code using the PVS system. The compilation is carried out in five steps through a(More)
This talk is concerned with a mechanized formal treatment of the transformational software development process in a uniied framework. As a formal vehicle, the speciication and veriication system PVS 7] is utilized to integrate development steps and development methods from diierent existing transformational approaches (for example, PROSPECTRA 6], KIDS 9],(More)
At present, software development in the automotive industry is characterized by frequent changes caused by new innovations, fast-growing system complexity, growing software portion in cars, changing business relationships. This dynamical environment demands for flexible software processes. In order to improve a software development process with respect to(More)
In diesem Beitrag werden die Herausforderung erörtert, die sich aus dem neuen Sicherheitsstandard (ISO/WD 26262) für die Automobilindustrie ergeben und ein praktikables Vorgehen vorgestellt, wie die Anforderungen der Norm effizient umzusetzen sind. 1 Motivation und Ausgangssituation Der Anteil eingebetteter Softwaresysteme im Automobil ist innerhalb weniger(More)