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In this paper, we describe an internet-based signal processing laboratory that provides hands-on learning experiences in distributed learning environments. The laboratory is based on an object-oriented Java tool called Java Digital Signal Processing (J-DSP). J-DSP has been developed at Arizona State University (ASU) and is being used for a virtual(More)
In this paper, a program to simulate discrete time linear systems is presented. The software is written as a Java 1 applet and can be accessed on the internet. Object oriented programming allows the user to construct and simulate a variety of systems. The program uses a graphical user interface which is easy to learn and it provides a visualization of the(More)
| The distribution of the M-channel generalized coherence estimate is shown not to depend on the statistical behavior of the data on one channel provided that the other M ? 1 channels contain only white gaussian noise and all channels are independent. This connrms a recently published conjecture and extends the utility of the GC estimate as a detection(More)
This paper considers a class of detection/localization problems in which the detector ooers multiple operating modes. The modes diier in their detection performance and geographical coverage: \focused" modes ooer higher detection performance but less coverage area than \broad search" modes. It is assumed that a signal source is to be detected and localized(More)
The use of the generalized coherence estimate as a statistic for detection of a common signal in multiple independent channels of additive gaussian noise has been studied in several recent papers. This work has relied on simulations to evaluate detector performance because the distribution of the generalized coherence estimate with signal present is(More)
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