Axel Buendia

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This paper describes the DEEP project (Dialogs taking into account Experience, Emotions and Personality, adapted to computer games), which started in June 2006. The aim of the project is to provide generic solutions for the integration of autonomous Non Player Characters (NPCs) in next-generation adventure games. DEEP NPCs, equipped with a personality and a(More)
We present a fully procedural method capable of generating in real-time a wide range of locomotion for multi-legged characters in a dynamic environment, without using any motion data. The system consists of several independent blocks: a Character Controller, a Gait/Tempo Manager, a 3D Path Constructor and a Footprints Planner. The four modules work(More)
This paper introduces design principles of serious games which goal is to understand the player/learner decision process. The analytical dimension is the core of gameplay questions: what are the mechanics able to make the player aware of his behavior as a decision-maker? This research questions the video game as a tool to develop the reflexivity and put in(More)
For a socially intelligent robot, dierent levels of situation assessment are required, ranging from basic processing of sensor input to high-level analysis of semantics and intention. However, the attempt to combine them all prompts new research challenges and the need of a coherent framework and architecture. This paper presents the situation assessment(More)
Figure 1: Example of our system generated animation: from right to left, a wolf animated using the pseudo-physics and flexible spine model. Abstract We propose a pseudo-physics system and a spine model that can be coupled to generate lifelike locomotion animations of quadrupeds and reptiles. The pseudo-physics system uses minimalist particle-based physics(More)
We propose a system capable in real time of adding control-lable and plausible oscillating physical like reaction effects in response to external forces (perturbations). These oscillating effects may be used to modify a motion or to customize it in a cartoon like way. The core of our system is based on several connected 3D pendulums with a propagating(More)