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How are signalling molecules organized into different pathways within the same cell? In Drosophila, the inaD gene encodes a protein consisting of five PDZ domains which serves as a scaffold to assemble different components of the phototransduction cascade, including the principal light-activated ion channels, the effector phospholipase C-beta and protein(More)
It was investigated whether subchronic application of 30 mg/kg ketamine (Ket) induces reliable changes in behaviour and parameters of dopaminergic, glutamatergic, and serotonergic neurotransmissions, which might be the basis of an animal model in schizophrenia research. To test this, rats were injected with 30 mg/kg ip Ket daily for five consecutive days.(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the relationship between pre-treatment measurements of tumor oxygen tension (pO2) and survival in advanced head and neck cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eppendorf pO2 measurements in 397 patients from seven centers were analyzed using the fraction of pO2 values < or =2.5 mmHg (HP2.5), < or =5 mmHg (HP5) and median tumor pO2 (mmHg) as(More)
Treatment with the phencyclidine derivative ketamine, a non-competitive N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist and a well known anesthetic, has recently been introduced to mimic schizophrenia in animals. Using rats repeatedly treated with sub-anesthetic doses we demonstrate in the hippocampal formation the cellular distribution patterns of proteins being(More)
Rat experiments have shown that prenatal Vitamin D deficiency leads to altered neonatal brain morphology, cell density and neurotrophin expression. In the current study we examined the hypothesis that Vitamin D deficiency during early development alters adult behaviour even when there is an intervening period in which the animal receives normal Vitamin D in(More)
Heterotrimeric G proteins mediate a variety of signaling processes by coupling seven-transmembrane receptors to intracellular effector molecules. The Drosophila phototransduction cascade is a G protein-coupled signaling cascade that utilizes a phospholipase C (PLC beta) effector. PLC beta has been shown to be activated by Gq alpha in reconstituted systems.(More)
To study the learning performance of pentylenetetrazol- and amygdala-kindled Wistar rats we used the following learning tests: short-term memory was tested in the response-to-change model, brightness discrimination was tested in a Y-chamber, and two-way active avoidance learning was tested in a shuttle-box. Short-term memory was not impaired by both(More)
The effect of the nootropic drug piracetam (100 mg/kg) on kindled seizures, kindling-induced learning deficits, and histological alterations due to changes in central excitability was investigated in Wistar rats. The animals were kindled by repeated i.p. injections of an initially subconvulsive dose of pentylenetetrazol (PTZ). As a control, piracetam or(More)
BACKGROUND Growing evidence implicates abnormal neurodevelopment in schizophrenia, which manifests itself, for example, in reduced volume and cellular disarray of the hippocampus. This prompted us to investigate if there are indications of an altered neurodevelopment in this brain region. While neuron birth is largely completed by the end of gestation,(More)
BACKGROUND Tumor hypoxia has proven prognostic impact in head and neck cancers and is associated with poor response to radiotherapy. Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) offers an approach to overcome hypoxia. We have performed pO2 measurements in selected patients with head and neck cancers under HBO to determine in how far changes in the oxygenation occur and(More)