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Highly ordered, close packed granular systems present a nonlinear dynamic behavior stemming from the Hertzian contact interaction between particles. We investigated the propagation of elastic stress waves in an uncompressed, centered square array of spherical and cylindrical particles. We show, via experiments and numerical simulations, that systematic(More)
The present study describes wave propagation characteristics in a weakly disordered two-dimensional granular media composed of a square array of spheres accommodating interstitial cylindrical intruders. Previous investigations, performed experimentally as well as numerically, emphasized that wave-front shapes in similar systems are tunable via choice of(More)
This study is premised on the understanding that Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) are the cornerstone for socio-economic development in developing countries. This paper reports on the literature review conducted on the impact of information and communication technology (ICT) usage by SMEs on poverty reduction from a developing country perspective. The(More)
Current constructs of the user limits our understanding of service channel selection, improvisation, communication, and exchange within multi-channel social contexts. Based on a recent longitudinal case study of an electronic service use in a healthcare insurance context, the paper uses key concepts from structuration theory to examine how users interact(More)
Social relationships in IT project teams: its role, complexity and the management thereof Awie Leonard Dawie van Zyl Business alignment in the procurement domain: a study of antecedents and determinants of supply chain performance Mission The mission of the IJISPM-International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management-is the dissemination of(More)
Compared to other projects, information technology (IT) projects, characterized by emergency and uncertainty, are unique. To implement an IT project successfully, many aspects need to be monitored and carefully controlled and managed. One such aspect is social relationships. All IT professionals are exposed to, and in many cases involved, in the phenomenon(More)
Food is not a finite resource, nor is the land it is cultivated on. Future generations will have to find creative ways to integrate production, marketing, distribution and technology in such a way that optimal usage of scarce food resources is achieved. Efficient fresh produce markets and specifically efficient electronic food spot markets of the future(More)