Awie Leonard

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A series of Virtual Environments (VEs), specifically designed to allow adolescents and adults with high-functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome to practice social skills, have been trialled in a school for students with autistic spectrum disorders. We have taken a qualitative approach to exploring how these programmes might be used to augment traditional(More)
There is no doubt that information systems (IS) are the backbone of today’s organizations. Having an initial inspection on sourcing motives in the financial sector it can be stated that resources used in development of information systems (IS) are seen as an important factor for sustained competitive advantage. However, it can be claimed that it depends to(More)
Individual differences in learning style should be one factor that is considered in medical education program planning and instruction, and this can be accomplished by using Kolb's learning style inventory (LSI) in a primary care internal medicine residency program. Case accounts are presented to suggest how the LSI can be used to enrich teaching-learning(More)
Compared to other projects, information technology (IT) projects, characterized by emergency and uncertainty, are unique. To implement an IT project successfully, many aspects need to be monitored and carefully controlled and managed. One such aspect is social relationships. All IT professionals are exposed to, and in many cases involved, in the phenomenon(More)
In developing countries information and communication technology (ICT) can be used as a tool for driving socio‐economic development such as poverty reduction. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are an engine for growth and they play an important role in poverty reduction by providing employment and driving economic development. In this (More)
The service desk holds the key to the kind of perception customers might form of a specific organisation. It can even impact on a customer's choice of an organisation. In this research both qualitative and quantitative research techniques are used to get a better understanding of the real problems customers experience in this regard. Apart from using simple(More)