Awatef M. Ali

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The adrenal gland of the camel consists of an outer cortex and an inner medulla. The general disposition of the cortex and medulla, however, differs occasionally from that of other mammals. Extensions of medulla could reach as far as the periphery of the cortex. Islet of medullary tissue may be found in sections of the cortex and cortical tissue consisting(More)
BACKGROUND Tocotrienols (TCTs) are more potent antioxidants than α-tocopherol (TOC). However, the effectiveness and mechanism of the action of TCT isomers as anti-atherosclerotic agents in stimulated human endothelial cells under inflammatory conditions are not well established. AIMS 1) To compare the effects of different TCT isomers on inflammation,(More)
This study aims to evaluate the protective role of curcumin (Curc) against hematological and biochemical changes, as well as renal pathologies induced by lead acetate [Pb (CH3COO)2·3H2O] treatment. Male albino rats were intraperitoneally treated with Pb2+ (25 mg of lead acetate/kg b.w., once a day) alone or in combination with Curc (30 mg of Curc/kg b.w.,(More)
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