Awadhesh Pratap Singh

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This case report is an insight in to pediatric traumatology whereby bilateral greenstick fracture of condyle is used as a means to discuss the incidence and anatomic considerations for the management of the same, highlighting the fact that dental surgeons require a unique understanding of the anatomy, growth considerations, healing pattern and operative(More)
This article should be cited as: Kumar-Pandey S, Kumari-Chauhan U. Essentials of zinc: Focus on sickle cell disease. Rev Hematol Mex 2013;14:145-148. Zinc is an essential micronutrient and an important nutrient for growth and development, which plays an extensive role in immune functions and resistance to infections in children. It is the most abundant(More)
UNLABELLED The present study investigates the potential of layer by layer coated calcium phosphate nanoparticles - for oral delivery of insulin where Vitamin B12 grafted chitosan and sodium alginate have been used as cationic and anionic polyelectrolyte respectively. The major emphasis has been given on the role Vitamin B12 conjugated chitosan as cationic(More)
Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) lectin was found to stain the secretory granules in epithelial Paneth cells of small intestine in mice and rats. The distribution of Paneth cells stained with this lectin was identical to that obtained by another immunohistochemical marker for lysozyme. However, in comparison with other immunohistochemical markers, Pokeweed(More)
The incidence of obesity and diabetes has been increased with alarming rate in recent years and became a common problem around the globe including developing as well as in developed countries with incalculable social costs. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are two common co-morbidities occur together. Obesity and diabetes is closely associated with many(More)
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