Avshalom Mizrahi

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Organotypic cultures of the lobster (Homarus gammarus) stomatogastric nervous system (STNS) were used to assess changes in membrane properties of neurons of the pyloric motor pattern-generating network in the long-term absence of neuromodulatory inputs to the stomatogastric ganglion (STG). Specifically, we investigated decentralization-induced changes in(More)
Here we report a double labelling method for correlative confocal and electron microscopy (EM) which allows selective characterisation of structural relationships between two single identified neurons in the same preparation. Using the lobster stomatogastric nervous system, we labelled pairs of identified, synaptically-connected neurons by intracellular(More)
Among the wide-spectrum contribution of the Rambam - the Maimonides - in philosophy to the word and to Judaism are his ideas on the body and on the soul and on the relations between them. His major approaches in these subjects are the following: 1) The body is the home of the soul, and the soul guides the body. That means the body and the soul are one unit.(More)
This report presents national statistics on hospital use from the U.S. National Hospital Discharge Survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics and the national survey of hospitalization conducted by CREDES, Centre de Recherche d'Etude et de Documentation en Economie de la Santé, previously the Medical Economics Division of CREDOC. The use(More)
Differentiation of embryonic rat and chick myoblasts was investigated using a tridimensional support made of positively charged, uncoated DEAE-cellulose microcarriers (MC). Following rapid cell attachment, the MC interconnected to form large cell-MC conglomerates which remained floating in the nutrient medium. Cells within the conglomerates fused to form(More)
A new approach for cultivating dissociated cerebral neurons is described. It is based on a rapid attachment of neurons to the DEAE-cellulose cylindrical MC and their subsequent interconnection to form cell-MC conglomerates. Intensive fiber growth followed by synaptogenesis and progressive myelin formation are indicative of optimal conditions of nutrition(More)
Dissociated spinal cord cells from rat fetuses were successfully cultured up to the state of synaptogenesis and myelin formation on DEAE cellulose cylindrical microcarriers. Nerve cells and microcarriers interconnected to form conglomerates offering optimal nutritional conditions which enhanced cell maturation. These conglomerates yielded large amounts of(More)
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