Avni Morgül

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The parameters of a time varying communication channel with intersymbol interference can efficiently be estimated by using a Kalman type recursive estimator provided that the channel input data are known. However, in practice, the channel input data are not exactly known. These data are obtained from a detector, which detects the data from the channel(More)
Introduction: The multi-valued logic (MVL) is an alternative to common binary logic. The arithmetic operations can be performed more efficiently, and faster, by increasing the radix of the system or the number of levels used, at the expense of reduced noise margin. Thus, it suffers from noise and parameter variations. Since the variations at each stage are(More)
A higher-radix algebra for full-addition of two numbers is described and realised by combining multivalued logic min, max, literal and cyclic operators in terms disjoint terms. The latter operator is designed by using a current-mode threshold circuit while the other operator is realised by only voltage-mode switching circuits. The threshold circuit employed(More)
In this work, a wideband and high-performance CMOS implementation of 2nd-generation current conveyor (CCII) is proposed. The proposed circuit is composed of a high performance voltage follower stage which is based on di®erential pairs to provide high voltage swings on input and output ports and a current follower stage. It is shown that the proposed voltage(More)
In this study, the reflected signal from the ionosphere in monostatic HF surface wave radar system is investigated in terms of atmospheric attenuation and Doppler spectral dispersion, by Chapman distribution and auto-correlation function when the process is stationary and time variant, respectively. The model-based analysis shows that doppler dispersion(More)