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The environment : between theory and practice
Introduction PART I: WHY HASN'T ENVIRONMENTAL PHILOSOPHY HAD AN IMPACT ON POLICIES? 1. The social role of the philosopher and the philosophical role of society 2. Where philosophy meets politics: theExpand
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Communitarianism and individualism
The procedural republic and the unencumbered self, Michael Sandel atomism, Charles Taylor justice as a virtue - changing conceptions, Alasdair MacIntyre membership, Michael Walzer community andExpand
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Forms of Justice: Critical Perspectives on David Miller's Political Philosophy
Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 Social Justice Chapter 3 Social Justice: Why Does It Matter What the People Think? Chapter 4 The Political Conditions of Social Justice Chapter 5 Meritocracy, Desert andExpand
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Why Posterity Matters: Environmental Policies and Future Generations
Why Posterity Matters is the first comprehensive philosophical examination of our duties to future generations. It appears at a time when it is becoming increasingly obvious that we can no longerExpand
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Ruralism or Environmentalism
Recent works on the historical sources of the environmental movement neglect environmental philosophy. They therefore fail to distinguish between two different currents of thought: ruralism - theExpand
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From the political to the objective: The dialectics of Zionism and the environment
Is the argument that we can only conceive of the ‘environment’ in political terms far‐fetched? Is an objective understanding of the concept of the ‘environment’ possible? By an analysis of threeExpand
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On Fertile Functionings: A Response to Martha Nussbaum
We are delighted to have the opportunity to respond to Martha Nussbaum’s excellent Creating Capabilities. In that book Nussbaum pays us the great compliment of discussing some aspects of our own bookExpand
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Ten Commandments of How to Fail in an Environmental Campaign
Introduction The question this paper asks is “Why, and when, do environmentalists fail in environmental campaigns. Before answering, we first need to define what such failure is. The answer is fairlyExpand
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Workfare: the Subjection of Labour
When viewed as a question of distributive justice the evaluation of workfare typically reflects exclusively on the distribution of income: do the physically capable have a justified claim for stateExpand
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