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In this paper we introduce the ISW (Interval Sliding Window) algorithm, which is applicable to numerical time series data streams and uses as input the combined Hoeffding bound confidence level parameter rather than the maximum error threshold. The proposed algorithm has two advantages: first, it allows performance comparisons across different time series(More)
A deterministic PERT activity-on-arc network () A N G , with logical operation "AND" at the event's receiver and "MUST FOLLOW" at the event's emitter, is considered. Each activity () A j i ∈ , entering the model can be operated within several deterministic durations ij t depending on the corresponding budgets ij c assigned to that activity. The problem(More)
In order to demonstrate the role and the place of the harmonization modelling theory [12–14], we have to show its utilization in certain management areas. It can be well-recognized that harmonization models are applicable mostly to organization systems under random disturbances. This, in turn, enables analyzing various sources of uncertainty, e.g.(More)
This paper is a generalization of our previous publications [2,19-20] where some newly developed models of the harmonization theory, together with various practical applications, have been outlined. The goal of the paper under consideration is to describe in depth both the general concepts of the harmonization theory and the fitness of the latter by citing(More)
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