Avner Ben-Dor

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Radiation hybrid (RH) mapping is a somatic cell technique that is used for ordering markers along a chromosome and estimating the physical distances between them. With the advent of this mapping technique, analyzing the experimental data is becoming a challenging and demanding computational task. In this paper we present the software package RHO (radiation(More)
The clustering of biological sequence data is a significant task for biologists. The reason is that sequence clustering assists molecular biologists to group sequences based on the ancestral traits or hereditary information that are hidden in sequences. To accomplish the similarity detection and clustering tasks, several clustering algorithms, similarity(More)
An algorithm to increase the spatial resolution of digital video sequences captured with a camera that is subject to mechanical vibration is developed. The blur caused by vibration of the camera is often the primary cause for image degradation. We address the degradation caused by low-frequency vibrations (vibrations for which the exposure time is less than(More)
Recent developments in electrostatic plotting techonology-specifically in areas related to the plotter's speed, density, and color-forced processing requirements for graphics controllers beyond what is possible with traditional approaches. New market segments in the VLSI field, which were opened by the introduction of color, created more demanding(More)
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