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This article tackles the multifaceted question of why Israel adopted an open immigration policy in 1948 and adhered to that policy in spite of the proven difficulties it inflicted on the state. TheExpand
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Immigration is Israel's History, So Far
Immigration was intrinsic to the nature of Zionism as a national liberation movement, which aspired to establish a sovereign Jewish entity in a territory distant from the places in which most of itsExpand
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A New Look at Immigration of Jews From Yemen to Mandatory Palestine
The article focuses new light on immigration from Yemen to Mandatory Palestine in a broad context. Figures clearly indicate that the magnitude of immigration from Yemen was impressive, both inExpand
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The historic leadership of Hakibbutz Ha'artzi: The power of charisma, organization and ideology
The article describes and analyzes the modus operandi of the historic leadership of Hakibbutz Ha'artzi movement, focusing on Meir Ya'ari. The main argument is that the key to understanding Ya'ari'sExpand
Mapam in the War of Independence: From the war front to the opposition back benches
The article examines the first year of Mapam's existence, focusing on its role in the War of Independence and on the elections to the Constituent Assembly (the first Knesset), beginning with theExpand
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