Aviv Nof

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Extensive axonal pruning and neuronal cell death are critical events for the development of the nervous system. Like neuronal cell death, axonal elimination occurs in discrete steps; however, the regulators of these processes remain mostly elusive. Here, we identify the kinesin superfamily protein 2A (KIF2A) as a key executor of microtubule disassembly and(More)
Electroconvulsive shock (ECS) administered to rats produces potent analgesia. This analgesic effect displays opiate characteristics with tolerance to ECS analgesia seen with repeated induction and cross tolerance observed following the chronic administration of analgesic dose of morphine. Furthermore, tolerance development after repeated ECS application(More)
Developmental neuronal cell death and axonal elimination are controlled by transcriptional programs, of which their nature and the function of their components remain elusive. Here, we identified the dual specificity phosphatase Dusp16 as part of trophic deprivation-induced transcriptome in sensory neurons. Ablation of Dusp16 enhanced axonal degeneration in(More)
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