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Rooting for the top dog: How social dominance motives shape group preference in intergroup competition
Abstract Moving beyond prior research establishing people's preference for underdogs, we examined the role of social dominance orientation (SDO) in shaping individuals' preference for underdogsExpand
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The psychology of corporate rights: Perception of corporate versus individual rights to religious liberty, privacy, and free speech.
The U.S. Supreme Court has increasingly expanded the scope of constitutional rights granted to corporations and other collective entities. Although this tendency receives widespread public and mediaExpand
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A psychological perspective on punishing corporate entities
This chapter takes a psychological perspective to examine how individuals make decisions about culpability and punishment of corporations versus people. Drawing on relevant empirical research we makeExpand
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The Psychology of Corporate Rights
Relying on the corporate personhood doctrine, the U.S. Supreme Court has increasingly expanded the scope of rights granted to corporations and other forms of collective entities. While this trend hasExpand
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The Need for) A Model of Translational Mind Science Justice Research
Despite the historical importance of translational research to social psychological investigations of social justice issues, the culture and incentives of contemporary social psychology areExpand
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Are Litigation Outcome Disparities Inevitable? Courts, Technology, and the Future of Impartiality
This Article explores the ability of technology—specifically, online judicial procedures—to eliminate systematic group-based litigation outcome disparities (i.e., disparities correlated with theExpand