Avishkar Misra

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High-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) is a dedicated medical imaging technique for diffuse parenchymal lung disease evaluation. Such diseases give rise to variability in visual interpretation, leading to the need for computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) systems, for which lung segmentation is a necessary initial step. The developed algorithm is based on the(More)
Hand-coded vision systems are problematic in complex medical domains and are hard to change as new information emerges. Knowledge-Engineering and Machine Learning approaches to intelligent vision systems also face learning bottlenecks. We have developed an approach to engineering vision systems, which allowed the user to make incremental changes to refine(More)
Ripple Down Rules (RDR)'s incremental knowledge acquisition provides computer vision applications with the ability to gradually adapt to the domain and circumvent some of its learning challenges. RDR use incremental exception-based theory revision and rely on the expert to provide the rule conditions. A computer vision expert whilst understanding their(More)
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