Avishek Ghosh

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We report in this paper our work on accurately generating case markers and suffixes in English-to-Hindi SMT. Hindi is a relatively free word-order language, and makes use of a comparatively richer set of case markers and morphological suffixes for correct meaning representation. From our experience of large-scale English-Hindi MT, we are convinced that(More)
Vibrio cholerae is a bacterial pathogen that colonizes the chitinous exoskeleton of zooplankton as well as the human gastrointestinal tract. Colonization of these different niches involves an N-acetylglucosamine binding protein (GbpA) that has been reported to mediate bacterial attachment to both marine chitin and mammalian intestinal mucin through an(More)
Colonization factor antigens (CFAs) are important virulence factors in enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC). Using a multiplex PCR and RT-PCR, this study tested the presence of common colonization factor-encoding genes and their expression in 50 ETEC strains isolated from stool specimens. The samples were from patients (children) with acute diarrhoea(More)
The present work provides a new approach to solve the well-known multi-robot co-operative box pushing problem as a multi objective optimization problem using modified Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization. The method proposed here allows both turning and translation of the box, during shift to a desired goal position. We have employed local planning(More)
Nonradiative relaxation of high-energy excited states to the lowest excited state in chlorophylls marks the first step in the process of photosynthesis. We perform ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy measurements, that reveal this internal conversion dynamics to be slightly slower in chlorophyll B than in chlorophyll A. Modeling this process with(More)
A person walks along a line (which could be an idealisation of a forest trail, for example), placing relays as he walks, in order to create a multihop network for connecting a sensor at a point along the line to a sink at the start of the line. The potential placement points are equally spaced along the line, and at each such location the decision to place(More)
We are motivated by the problem of impromptu or asyou-go deployment of wireless sensor networks. As an application example, a person, starting from a sink node, walks along a forest trail, makes link quality measurements (with the previously placed nodes) at equally spaced locations, and deploys relays at some of these locations, so as to connect a sensor(More)
In this paper, the notion Affine Discrete Dynamical Systems (ADDS) in terms of Integral Value Transformations (IVTs), is introduced and their mathematical properties, particularly their equilibrium and stability as a dynamical system, are studied. It is shown that some ADDS are Collatz-like, which generate fractals. It is also shown that ADDS can model(More)