Avinash S. Patwardhan

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This study evaluated adherence to medications used to treat chronic conditions for patients with 90-day prescriptions, comparing patients with access to workplace pharmacy services versus patients using mail order services. De-identified pharmacy claims data were used to compute medication possession ratio and gaps in therapy. Results were compared for(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic alcohol consumption reduces bone mass and strength, increasing fracture risk for alcohol abusers. Mechanisms underlying this vulnerability involve modulation of bone remodeling. Direct effects of alcohol on bone formation have been documented; those on bone resorption are less well studied. Skeletal effects of exposure to high blood(More)
The American health care system is concerned about the rise of chronic diseases and related resource challenges. Management of chronic disease traditionally has been provided by physicians and nurses. The growth of the care management industry, in which nurses provide remote telephonic monitoring and coaching, testifies to the increasing need for care(More)
This study examines the utilization of convenient care clinic services outside of typical physician office hours and estimates the cost savings from potentially avoided visits to the emergency room, urgent care center, and primary care physician associated with convenient care clinic encounters. The results show that 44.6% of convenient care clinic visits(More)
BACKGROUND Postmenopausal estrogen deficiency and alcohol abuse are known risk factors for osteoporosis. Previous studies of the combined effect of alcohol and ovariectomy on bone loss using chronic alcohol-feeding models have not demonstrated additional alcohol-induced bone loss in ovariectomized (OVX) animals. Binge alcohol treatment causes rapid bone(More)
Industrial site development can result in substantial impacts to water quality and quantity. While permitting requirements may reduce impacts, they are limited in addressing longterm cumulative and operational impacts from the changes in land uses and cover. Many of these developments occur within watersheds containing impaired waters across the Southeast.(More)
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This study measures waiting times and consultation times at convenient care clinics (CCCs), and compares them with equivalent times in traditional, family practice, physician offices. The analysis was limited to conditions most commonly treated at CCCs. It was found that patients using CCCs had significantly shorter waiting times from check-in to seeing a(More)
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