Avinash Ravipati

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In situ hybridization of a digoxigenin-labeled oligonucleotide probe combined with computer-assisted image assessment was used to directly visualize D2 receptor mRNA-containing neurons in rat striata, and quantify age-related changes in the sizes and relative mRNA content of these neurons. It was found that: (1) numbers of D2 mRNA-containing neurons appear(More)
Down-regulation of PINK1 and PGC-1α proteins is implicated in both mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress potentially linking metabolic abnormality and neurodegeneration. Here, we report that PGC-1α and PINK1 expression is markedly decreased in Alzheimer disease (AD) and diabetic brains. We observed a significant down-regulation of PGC-1α and PINK1(More)
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