Avinash R. Odugoudar

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Multiple neural tube defects and pontine anomalies are relatively rare. Cases of split pons and double encephalocoeles in combination with other spinal anomalies are even rarer. Here, we present a very rare case of split pons, twin encephalocoeles (one of which was atretic), lumbar dermal sinus tract, lumbosacral lipomeningomyelocele, thickened filum, and(More)
Terminal myelocystoceles (TMCs) are a rare form of occult spinal dysraphism. They constitute approximately 5% of skin covered lumbosacral masses. The TMC is composed of a low-lying conus medullaris with cystic dilatation of caudal central canal, a surrounding meningocele and a lipoma that extends from the conus to a subcutaneous fat collection. A(More)
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