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During early stages of cerebral cortical development, progenitor cells in the ventricular zone are multipotent, producing neurons of many layers over successive cell divisions. The laminar fate of their progeny depends on environmental cues to which the cells respond prior to mitosis. By the end of neurogenesis, however, progenitors are lineally committed(More)
Tampering and Reverse Engineering of a chip to extract the hardware Intellectual Property (IP) core or to inject malicious alterations is a major concern. Digital systems susceptible to tampering are of immense concern to defense organizations. First, offshore chip manufacturing allows the design secrets of the IP cores to be transparent to the foundry and(More)
In a recent paper, Polatoˇglu et al. An investigation on a subclass of p –valently starlike functions in the unit disc, Turk. J. Math. 31 (2007), 221–228] introduced and investigated a subclass M p (α) of multivalent analytic functions, they obtained a represent theorem, a distortion theorem and a coefficient inequality for this class. In the present paper,(More)
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