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OBJECTIVES To analyze population pharmacokinetics of Propofol in Indian patients after single bolus dose of Propofol using WINNONLIN program. MATERIALS AND METHODS Population pharmacokinetics of Propofol was investigated in Indian subjects in 26 elective surgical patients (14 males and 12 females) following single bolus dose of 2 mg/kg propofol. A total(More)
Pharmacogenetics is an emerging discipline that attempted to understand the hereditary basis for differences in responsiveness or inter-individual variation to therapeutic agents. It is the study of variability in drug response as a result of heredity factors. The importance for pharmacogenetics for the clinician is to enable optimum therapeutic efficacy,(More)
  • Manoj Kumar, Avinash Puri
  • Indian journal of occupational and environmental…
  • 2012
Water is one of the prime necessities of life. We can hardly live for a few days without water. In a man's body, 70-80% is water. Cell, blood, and bones contain 90%, 75%, and 22% water, respectively. The general survey reveals that the total surface area of earth is 51 crore km(2) out of which 36.1 crore km(2) is covered sea. In addition to this, we get(More)
Honey is common household product throughout the world. It is nonirritant, nontoxic, easily available and cheap. Honey comprises 40% glucose, 40% fructose, 20% water, with organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals; it has specific weight of 1.4 and pH of 3.6. The treatment with honey is simple and inexpensive, and honey need not to be sterile as it(More)
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