Avinash Marwal

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RNAi is an evolutionary conserved silencing pathway in which the double stranded RNA is broken down into small interfering RNA (siRNA) with the help of dicer and RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC) complex by a series of steps. The two component of DICER, dcr-2/r2d2 an ATP dependent binds to siRNA and helps it to load into RISC by forming RISC loading(More)
Begomovirus is one of the largest genus of the family Geminiviridae and the vector white fly (Bemisia tabaci) is prevalent in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world [4]. Weeds may infect crops and those weeds may serve as a reservoir for crop-infecting geminiviruses [1, 5]. In the present report we identified a begomovirus infecting Datura(More)
In the year 2012 leaf curl disease was observed on Marigold (Tagetes patula) in Lakshmangrh, Sikar province of India. Affected plants were severely stunted with apical leaf curl and crinkled leaves, symptoms typical of begomovirus infection. This is the first report of complete nucleotide sequence of a begomovirus associated with satellites molecules(More)
Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) leaves with vein yellowing and reduced leaf size were observed in Rasidpura, Rajasthan Province, India. The complete DNA-A and betasatellite sequences of the virus isolated from infected spinach leaves were determined and comprised 2,753 and 1,367 nucleotides, respectively. The sequence had the highest level of nucleotide(More)
Samples of Vinca rosea and Raphanus sativus leaves showing typical leaf curling were collected from gardens and fields of Bhatinda, Punjab (India). An expected product of ~550 bp in size was amplified from total DNA extracts of symptomatic leaf samples with universal primers on the coat protein region of begomoviral DNA-A component. Moreover, DNA β were(More)
Background: Over the past few decades, there has been more interest in geminiviruses, especially begomoviruses, as many of the diseases they cause have now reached epidemic proportions. Weed plants serve as an alternative host for begomoviruses and may allow the transmission of begomovirus to other horticulture crops and medicinal plants thus enhances the(More)
The complete genome sequences of a begomovirus and associated betasatellite was obtained by the rolling circle amplification from rose (Rosa indica) exhibiting dwarfing, leaf distortion and leaf curling symptoms from Rajasthan, India. The sequence of the begomovirus was determined to be 2,741 bp and showed the typical genome arrangement of an monopartite(More)
Geminivirus Database (GVDB) is an online interactive database of Geminiviridae family. GVDB comprises of partial and complete nucleotide sequences along with duly annotated expressed genes of isolated Begomovirus species. The in silico homology modeling, docking and recombination results obtained for different begomoviral sequences are also mentioned. This(More)
Plant viruses encode suppressors of posttranscriptional gene silencing, an adaptive antiviral defense responses that confines virus infection. Previously, we identified single-stranded DNA satellite (also known as DNA-β) of ~1,350 nucleotides in length associated with Croton yellow vein mosaic begomovirus (CYVMV) in croton plants. The expression of genes(More)
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