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A reliable traffic flow monitoring and traffic analysis approach using computer vision techniques has been proposed in this paper. The exponential increase in traffic density at urban intersections in the past few decades has raised precious and challenging demands to computer vision algorithms and technological solutions. The focus of this paper is to(More)
This paper highlights the two machine learning approaches, viz. Rough Sets and Decision Trees (DT), for the prediction of Learning Disabilities (LD) in school-age children, with an emphasis on applications of data mining. Learning disability prediction is a very complicated task. By using these two approaches, we can easily and accurately predict LD in any(More)
In computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) of mediolateral oblique (MLO) view of mammogram, the accuracy of tissue segmentation highly depends on the exclusion of pectoral muscle. Robust methods for such exclusions are essential as the normal presence of pectoral muscle can bias the decision of CAD. In this paper, a novel texture gradient-based approach for(More)
Powerful image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop etc. are very common these days. However due to such tools tampering of images has become very easy. Such tampering with digital images is known as image forgery. The most common type of digital image forgery is known as copy-move forgery wherein a part of image is cut/copied and pasted in another area of(More)