Avik Chatterjee

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This paper deals with the analysis and experimental study of natural frequencies of vibration of a 4-rod type radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) linear accelerator. The eigenvalue analysis of the structure has been done both analytically (multispan beam concept) as well as using blocked Lanczos eigenvalue finite element solver with an ability to extract the(More)
The present study is based on motion control of an articulated model of a human index finger that has been modeled as a four-degree-of-freedom serial robotic manipulator. Preliminary studies on position and tracking control have been carried out by testing various control strategies based on proportional-derivative (PD) control in a simulation environment(More)
Stability aspects of redundancy resolution both in velocity and acceleration level have been investigated for a method which augments the weighted least norm solution by weighted residual of the current joint rate and preferred pose rate in null space. While doing this the first and second order inverse kinematics solutions with redundancy have been(More)
This paper describes our experimental and analytical study of recovering index finger pose from tip trajectory during palmar grasp. Our study experimentally evaluates a kinematical model that can be used to reduce the number of surface markers in each finger for motion estimation and its segmental kinematics. We captured the trajectory of the index finger(More)
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