Avik Bhattacharya

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In this paper the aim of the study is to improve the dynamic performance of a shunt-type active power filter. The predictive and adaptive properties of artificial neural networks (ANNs) are used for fast estimation of the compensating current. The dynamics of the dc-link voltage is utilized in a predictive controller to generate the first estimate followed(More)
—Model-based decompositions have gained considerable attention after the initial work of Freeman and Durden. This decomposition which assumes the target to be reflection symmetric was later relaxed in the Yamaguchi et al. decomposition with the addition of the helix parameter. Since then many decomposition have been proposed where either the scattering(More)
We address the problem of automatic land-cover map updating of multi-temporal and multi-spectral remotely sensed images in this paper. Given a pair of images acquired on the same geographical area at two distinct time instants, it is assumed here that the training data are available for one of the acquisitions, which is known as the source domain image. The(More)