Avijit K. Ganguly

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Conformational and stereochemical analysis of six new symmetrical dimers was performed using proton-proton vicinal coupling measured from (1)H NMR and (13)C satellites of (1)H NMR signals, natural abundance (13)C-edited nuclear overhauser effect (NOE) experiments, comprehensive NOE analysis and molecular modeling. The (13)C satellite analysis and(More)
On-site sanitation has emerged as a preferred mode of sanitation in cities experiencing rapid urbanization due to the high cost involved in off-site sanitation which requires conventional sewerages. However, this practice has put severe stress on groundwater especially its quality. Under the above backdrop, a study has been undertaken to investigate the(More)
This paper presents a comparison of Gaussian and Bessel beam driven laser accelerators. The emphasis is on the vacuum beat wave accelerator (VBWA), employing two laser beams of differing wavelengths to impart a net acceleration to particles. Generation of Bessel beams by means of circular slits, holographic optical elements, and axicons is outlined and the(More)
In this paper we have presented a moment method analysis of a shunt - series slot fed waveguide broad wall shunt slot radiator. To analyze the circuit Multiple Cavity Modelling Technique (MCMT) has been used. The theory has been validated by the excellent agreement obtained between the MCMT and Ansoft HFSS simulated data.
First experimental observations are reported on stimulated coherent synchrotron radiation from highly relativistic electrons in a strong magnetic field. The experiment employed a quasioptical millimeter-wave resonator and a 6-MeV electron beam gyrating in a field of up to 25 kG. Coherent radiation at 54 GHz, corresponding to the 11th gyroharmonic, was(More)
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