Avijit Joarder

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The mixture of Type-I and Type-II censoring schemes, called the hybrid censoring scheme is quite common in life-testing or reliability experiments. Recently Type-II progressive censoring scheme becomes quite popular for analyzing highly reliable data. One drawback of the Type-II progressive censoring scheme is that the length of the experiment can be quite(More)
In this article we consider the statistical inferences of the unknown parameters of a Weibull distribution when the data are Type-I censored. It is well known that the maximum likelihood estimators do not always exist, and even when they exist, they do not have explicit expressions. We propose a simple fixed point type algorithm to compute the maximum(More)
A major epidemic of Variola major with an estimated 90 000 cases and 18 000 deaths occurred in Bangladesh in 1972. During a 3-year period methods of active surveillance (market search, outbreak investigation, and house-to-house search) were developed to supplement the passive reporting system. The percentage of smallpox cases detected increased from 11.8%(More)
A smallpox facial scar survey of 465 892 persons aged 0-19 years was carried out in Bangladesh in 1976, covering approximately 1% of the 0-19 year old population. Of the 4 306 persons found with facial scarring consistent with previous smallpox infection, none had a history of smallpox with onset after the last reported case on October 16, 1975. Histories(More)
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