Avijit Dutta

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Withaferin A (WA) is present abundantly in Withania somnifera, a well-known Indian medicinal plant. Here we demonstrate how WA exhibits a strong growth-inhibitory effect on several human leukemic cell lines and on primary cells from patients with lymphoblastic and myeloid leukemia in a dose-dependent manner, showing no toxicity on normal human lymphocytes(More)
Conventional error correcting code (ECC) schemes used in memories and caches cannot correct double bit errors caused by a single event upset (SEU). As memory density increases, multiple bit upsets in nearby cells become more frequent. A methodology is proposed here for deriving an error correcting code through heuristic search that can detect and correct(More)
A major impediment to effective anti-leishmanial chemotherapy is the emergence of drug resistance, especially to sodium antimony gluconate, the first-line treatment for leishmaniasis. Artemisinin, a sesquiterpene lactone isolated from Artemisia annua, is an established anti-malarial compound that showed anti-leishmanial activity in both promastigotes and(More)
The semi-automated MTT colorimetric assay has previously been applied on Leishmania promastigotes based on the ability of viable parasites to reduce the tetrazolium salt to an insoluble formazan product. As promastigotes are non-adherent, application of the MTT assay in its original form has a major drawback of a high and variable background absorbance due(More)
The leishmanicidal activity of Aloe vera leaf exudate (AVL) has been demonstrated in promastigotes and axenic amastigotes, but its effectiveness in animal models has not been evaluated. The presence of alkaloids, triterpenes, cyanidines, proanthocyanidines, tannins, and saponins in AVL was identified. Its effectiveness in four Leishmania donovani strains(More)
The network-on-chip (NoC) paradigm is seen as a way of facilitating the integration of a large number of computational and storage blocks on a chip to meet several performance and power constraints. However due to continued scaling of process technologies, the devices and interconnects have become more susceptible to single event upsets. This paper presents(More)
Leishmaniasis remains a major health problem of the tropical and subtropical world. The visceral form causes the most fatalities if left untreated. Dramatic increases in the rates of infection and drug resistance and the non-availability of safe vaccines have highlighted the need for identification of novel and inexpensive anti-leishmanial agents. This(More)
Leishmaniasis constitutes a complex of diseases with clinical and epidemiological diversity and includes visceral leishmaniasis, a disease that is fatal when left untreated. In earlier studies, the authors reported that Aloe vera leaf exudate (AVL) is a potent antileishmanial agent effective in promastigotes of Leishmania braziliensis, Leishmania mexicana,(More)
Existing techniques that incorporate decompressor constraints in the ATPG search/backtrace (e.g., Illinois scan) are based on combinational expansion in which each scan slice must be encoded using only the freevariables arriving form the tester in the current clock cycle. Sequential expansion is more powerful as it allows free-variables across multiple(More)