Avigail Rein

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BACKGROUND The ability of cancer to infiltrate along nerves is a common clinical observation in pancreas, head and neck, prostate, breast, and gastrointestinal carcinomas. For these tumors, nerves may provide a conduit for local cancer progression into the central nervous system. Although neural invasion is associated with poor outcome, the mechanism that(More)
PURPOSE The invasion of cancer cells along nerves is an ominous pathologic finding associated with poor outcomes for a variety of tumors, including pancreatic and head and neck carcinomas. Peripheral nerves may serve as a conduit for these cancers to track into the central nervous system. Cancer progression within nerves and surgical resection of(More)
Many cancers can cause disability and pain by invading nerves. In particular, prostate carcinoma has a high propensity for neural invasion (NI) at an early stage. Attempted surgical treatment of tumors with NI often leads to erectile dysfunction and deteriorated quality of life. Therefore, there is a need for novel modalities that will selectively target(More)
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