Avichal Mehra

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A neural network (NN) technique to fill gaps in satellite data is introduced, linking satellite-derived fields of interest with other satellites and in situ physical observations. Satellite-derived "ocean color" (OC) data are used in this study because OC variability is primarily driven by biological processes related and correlated in complex, nonlinear(More)
The past decade has witnessed the proliferation of mature modeling packages as well as rapidly evolving computer technology which is making high-resolution modeling possible. In addition, the Internet phenomenon with constantly increasing network speed has driven technology revolutions, one of which is the development of web portals with easy user(More)
Over thirty occurrence of Ocean storm surges events over the Nigerian coastline were recorded between 1994-2012 and each with its devastating consequences resulting from the massive coastal flooding and erosion. It revealed that all Ocean storm surges apart from the surges of march 2002 were experienced in summer months of April to October, but more(More)
We present an analyzer tool that accepts as input a string of programming language statements and outputs possible meanings for those program statements. The Graphical User Interface allows us to see which meanings were proposed for different program statements. The analyzer is packaged as a software tool, which we refer to as the Semantic Extraction tool(More)
Fabrice Hernandez, Edward Blockley, Gary B. Brassington, Fraser Davidson, Prasanth Divakaran, Marie Drévillon, Shiro Ishizaki, Marcos Garcia-Sotillo, Patrick J. Hogan, Priidik Lagemaa, Bruno Levier, Matthew Martin, Avichal Mehra, Christopher Mooers, Nicolas Ferry, Andrew Ryan, Charly Regnier, Alistair Sellar, Gregory C. Smith, Sarantis Sofianos, Todd(More)
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