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The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World
Avi Shlaim's The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World is the outstanding book on Israeli foreign policy, now thoroughly updated with a new preface and chapters on Israel's most recent leaders. In theExpand
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The Oslo Accord
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Collusion Across the Jordan: King Abdullah, the Zionist Movement, and the Partition of Palestine
Introduction. A falcon trapped in a canary's cage the Hashemite-Zionist connection a judgement of Solomon two kinds of partition the collusion the tortuous road to war on the brink the invasion theExpand
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The War for Palestine: Rewriting the History of 1948
The 1948 War led to the creation of the state of Israel, the fragmentation of Palestine, and to a conflict which has raged across the intervening sixty years. The historical debate also continues,Expand
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Failures in National Intelligence Estimates: The Case of the Yom Kippur War
The principal question which this article seeks to answer is: Why was the intention of the Arabs to launch the Yom Kippur War misperceived despite the fact that Israeli Intelligence had ample andExpand
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The war for Palestine : rewriting the history of 1948
Introduction 1. The Palestinians and 1948: the causes of failure Rashid Khalidi 2. Revisiting the Palestinian exodus of 1948 Benny Morris 3. The Druze and the birth of Israel Laila Parsons 4. IsraelExpand
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The Debate about 1948
“Conquerors, my son, consider as true history only what they themselves have fabricated.” Thus remarked the old Arab headmaster to young Saeed on his return to Haifa in the summer of 1948 in EmileExpand
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The politics of partition: King Abdullah, the Zionists, and Palestine, 1921-1951
In this reissue of the abridged paperback edition of his critically acclaimed Collusion Across the Jordan, Professor Shlaim chronicles King Abdullah's relationship with the Zionist movement from hisExpand
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Lion of Jordan; The Life of King Hussein in War and Peace
Avi Shlaim's "Lion of Jordan: The Life of King Hussein in War and Peace" is the first major account one of the most important figures in the turbulent history of the Middle East. Peace-broker,Expand
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Britain's Quest for a World Role
Pragmatism has always been widely regarded by practitioners and commentators alike as the chief characteristic of British foreign policy. The essence of the British approach to world affairs, it isExpand
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