Avi Bar Massada

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Disturbances such as grazing, invading species, and clear-cutting, often act at small spatial scales, and means for quantifying their impact on fine scale vegetation patterns are generally lacking. Here we adopt a set of landscape metrics, commonly used for quantifying coarse scale fragmentation, to quantify fine scale fragmentation, namely the fine scale(More)
Wildfire ignition distributionmodels are powerful tools for predicting the probability of ignitions across broad areas, and identifying their drivers. Several approaches have been used for ignition-distribution modelling, yet the performance of different model types has not been compared. This is unfortunate, given that conceptually similar(More)
Fire simulation studies that use models such as FARSITE often assume that ignition locations are distributed randomly, because spatially explicit information about actual ignition locations are difficult to obtain. However, many studies show that the spatial distribution of ignition locations, whether humancaused or natural, is non-random. Thus, predictions(More)
Surging wildfires across the globe are contributing to escalating residential losses and have major social, economic, and ecological consequences. The highest losses in the U.S. occur in southern California, where nearly 1000 homes per year have been destroyed by wildfires since 2000. Wildfire risk reduction efforts focus primarily on fuel reduction and, to(More)
The impact of herbivores on herbaceous plant communities is usually attributed to direct consumption of plants. We hypothesized that goats affect herbaceous plants both directly (consumption by foraging) and indirectly, by changing environmental conditions through modification of woody plant structure. We assessed the effects of goats browsing on(More)
The majority of landscape pattern studies are based on the patch-mosaic paradigm, in which habitat patches are the basic unit of the analysis. While many patch-based landscape indices successfully relate spatial patterns to ecological processes, it is also desirable to use finer grained analyses for understanding species presence, abundance, and movement(More)
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