Aveliny Mantovan Lima-Gregio

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UNLABELLED The use of prosthetic devices for correction of velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI) is an alternative treatment for patients with conditions that preclude surgery and for those individuals with a hypofunctional velopharynx (HV) with a poor prognosis for the surgical repair of VPI. Understanding the role and measuring the outcome of prosthetic(More)
BACKGROUND The size control of velopharyngeal opening is an important variable for the acoustic profile characterization of hypernasal speech. AIM To investigate frequency spectral aspects of F1, F2, F3, nasal formant (FN) and anti-formant, in Hertz, for vowels [a] and [ã] at different velopharyngeal openings produced in the bulb of a palatal prosthesis(More)
This paper describes laryngealizations in vowels in the speech of individuals with (TG) and without cleft palate (CG). The relation of prosodic boundary to frequency and extension of laryngealizations is investigated. Three repetitions of the reading of a text by ten male adults who composed TG and CG are considered for analysis. The results reveal: higher(More)
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