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Simulation of electric cardiac activity requires the solution of a very large system of ordinary differential equations, which requires long computing times. Modern Graphic Processing Units (GPU) are powerful computing devices, which have been used to simulate electric cardiac activity. However, the numerical techniques applied were based on fixed time(More)
Fuzzy ARTMAP (FAM) is a neural network architecture that can establish the correct mapping between real-valued input patterns and correct labels in a variety of classification problems. Nevertheless, as the size of the dataset grows to thousands and hundreds of thousands, FAM's convergence time slows down considerably. In this paper we focus on a FAM(More)
Research in the field of Affective Computing on affect recognition through speech has used a " fishing expedition " approach. Although some frameworks could achieve certain success rates, many of these approaches missed the theory behind the underlying voice and speech production mechanism. In this work, we found some correlation among the acoustic(More)
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