Avani R. Vasant

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A very common and typical problem faced by many big companies i.e. executing multiple projects at the same time. They have a huge pool of similarly skilled human resource (experts) which needs to be allocated to different projects with different payment rates. To allocate these resources to different projects such that there is not too much variation in(More)
This paper describes a system for recognizing offline handwritten Gujarati Digits using Neural Network. Data samples are collected from different writers on A4 sized paper. They are scanned using a flat bed scanner at a resolution of 150 dpi. Various pre-processing operations are performed on the digitized image. Random sized pre-processed image is(More)
Named Entity Recognition is classified as a subfield of Information Extraction and it is the core of Natural Language Processing (NLP) system. It helps machine to recognize proper nouns in text and associates it with appropriate types like person, location and organization, date and time, mentions of monetary amounts and percentages. This recognition of(More)
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