Avalyn E Stanislaus

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Identification of unknown metabolites is a major challenge in metabolomics. Without the identities of the metabolites, the metabolome data generated from a biological sample cannot be readily linked with the proteomic and genomic information for studies in systems biology and medicine. We have developed a web-based metabolite identification tool ((More)
Acylglycines play a crucial regulatory and detoxification role in the accumulation of the corresponding acyl CoA esters and are an important class of metabolites in the diagnoses of inborn errors of metabolism. Sensitive quantification of a large number of acylglycines not only improves diagnosis but also enables the discovery of potential new biomarkers of(More)
The application of metabolomics towards cancer research has led to a renewed appreciation of metabolism in cancer development and progression. It has also led to the discovery of metabolite cancer biomarkers and the identification of a number of novel cancer causing metabolites. The rapid growth of metabolomics in cancer research is also leading to(More)
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