Avadh Nandra

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Sarcocystis neurona is an apicomplexan parasite identified as a cause of fatal neurological disease in the threatened southern sea otter (Enhydra lutris nereis). In an effort to characterize virulent S. neurona strains circulating in the marine ecosystem, this study developed a range of markers relevant for molecular genotyping. Highly conserved sequences(More)
Myocardial ischemia was produced in six dogs by arterial occlusion. Tissue contents of H2O, Na, Ca, and amino acids increased; K and (in one dog) Mg decreased. Variability in composition increased. Cell changes were evaluated with a method of appraising variability in composition between biopsies, and calculated (in three dogs) using extracellular fluid(More)
To optimize carrier to noise ratio (C/N) in satellite communication system is a complex process requiring compromises between many factors to achieve the best performance at an acceptable cost. In the present world GEO satellites carry the vast majority of the world's satellite traffic; therefore priority is to be given for optimum utilization of space(More)
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