Ava J. Mauro

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Stochastic reaction-diffusion models are now a popular tool for studying physical systems in which both the explicit diffusion of molecules and noise in the chemical reaction process play important roles. The Smoluchowski diffusion-limited reaction model (SDLR) is one of several that have been used to study biological systems. Exact realizations of the(More)
Moyamoya is an intriguing and controversial syndrome. This patient study serves to align the pathophysiology of intracranial hemorrhage in moyamoya with the cerebral vascular disease seen with hypertension, or aging. The historical evidence linking lipohyalinosis and microaneurysms to cerebral hemorrhage is reviewed, the pathogenesis of this angiopathy is(More)
The diffusion of a reactant to a binding target plays a key role in many biological processes. The reaction radius at which the reactant and target may interact is often a small parameter relative to the diameter of the domain in which the reactant diffuses. We develop uniform in time asymptotic expansions in the reaction radius of the full solution to the(More)
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