Autran Macedo

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The accumulating effects of software aging have direct influence to the rate of aging-related failures. So far, the most investigated software aging effects are memory related, such as memory leak and memory fragmentation problems. In this work, we present a practical body of knowledge to support the solid understanding of the most important issues in(More)
Memory allocations are one of the most omnipresent operations in computer programs. The performance of memory allocation operations is a very important aspect to be considered in software design, however it is frequently neglected. This paper presents an experimental comparative study of seven largely adopted memory allocators. Unlike other related works,(More)
Github has evolved from traditional version control systems to incorporate the wave of the Web 2.0. Intensive collaboration among developers is one of the main goals of Github beyond traditional version control. Understanding how those developers collaborate is a key issue to enhance the outcomes of individuals and of the ecosystem as a whole, as well.(More)
The overhead caused by system calls in many applications has motivated research works focusing on reducing their execution costs. In this work we implement different types of compound system calls, and evaluate them taking into account their execution time in a multicore computer. The experimental plan is conducted for both physical and virtual machine(More)
Memory allocations are one of the most ubiquitous operations in computer programs. The performance of the routines that implement these operations is very important although it is frequently neglected. This paper presents a comparative analysis of seven largely adopted memory allocators. Unlike other related works, based on artificial benchmark tests, we(More)
Although software aging and rejuvenation (SAR) is a young research field, in its first 20 years a lot of knowledge has been produced. Nowadays, important scientific journals and conferences include SAR-related topics in their scope of interest. This fast growing and wide range of dissemination venues pose a challenge to researchers to keep tracking of the(More)
In this paper, we present the findings of a systematic review of the SRE literature, covering 300 papers in 95 publication venues (conferences and journals) in the last twelve years. We employ statistic techniques to help mining patterns and trends from the analyzed data set. We identified a prevalence of purely theoretical studies in the surveyed period,(More)
This paper presents experiments performed with an implementation of a quicksort-based parallel indexing algorithm. Besides the expected reduction in execution time, it was observed that the word frequency distribution of the input textual database has a strong innu-ence on performance. Communication and computational load balances are achieved by processing(More)
Multimedia systems such as video-on-demand (VOD) servers are time critical systems. These systems have strict response times, which implies that a delayed response can have serious consequence. For instance, in the case of a VOD server, an immediate consequence of a delayed response time can be user dissatisfaction, what can ultimately lead to the end of a(More)
Research advances in network traffic forecasting are continually emerging in the literature. Although the progress in this field, the quality control of traffic forecasts is commonly neglected in previous works. In this paper we analyze the performance of CuSum, Shewhart, and EWMA control charts applied to the residuals of forecasting models fitted to(More)