Author Robert Axelrod

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The case of a 49-year-old man with the diagnosis of angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy is reported. The patient survived a stormy clinical course. The corticosteroids improved dramatically the clinical picture although the patient developed a staphylococcal septicemia. Before treatment immunological studies were done including quantitation of B and T-cells,(More)
B11 l ;:OUlCHI B.. ‘TANAKA, GEO1 IE 0. CLIFF0III AND AluNoLm II. AXELItOI) S INCE the advemit of the newer t.echmiics for differentiatimig hemoglobimi types,’4 mio (‘ase of sickle cell anemia (homozygous 5) proven by these miiethods has I)eemi described imi which aseptic necrosis of the femnoral head was present. Aseptic miecrosis of the femnoral capital(More)