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In growing HeLa cells, severe stress elicited by the oxidant hydrogen peroxide inhibits classical nuclear import. Oxidant treatment collapses the nucleocytoplasmic Ran concentration gradient, thereby elevating cytoplasmic GTPase levels. The Ran gradient dissipates in response to a stress-induced depletion of RanGTP and a decreased efficiency of Ran nuclear(More)
Heteroduplex analysis of polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-amplified factor IX (FIX) sequences in eight hemophilia B pedigrees localized the causative hemophilia mutation to a single exon in each case. Subsequent PCR-based direct DNA sequence analysis identified two novel FIX mutations and six recurrent mutations. Three of the eight pedigrees represent(More)
The protein product of the rep gene of Escherichia coli is required for the replication of certain bacteriophage genomes (phi X174, fd, P2) and for the normal replication of E. coli DNA. We have used a specialized transducing phage, lambda p rep+, which complements the defect of rep mutants, to identify the rep protein. The rep protein has been purified(More)
The Chinese and Japanese languages share Chinese characters. Since the Chinese characters in Japanese originated from ancient China, many common Chinese characters exist between these two languages. Since Chinese characters contain significant semantic information and common Chinese characters share the same meaning in the two languages, they can be quite(More)
—In this technical note, we develop a numerically reliable method to design an interactor for a general descriptor system relative to a stability region C and an offending zero set. Our main result is based on a condensed form. This condensed form is independent of the offending zeros , and is computed using only orthogonal transformations and hence is(More)
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