Author Charles B. Cross

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Analysis of 1000 consecutive patients brought to the accident and emergency department of a busy district general hospital by ambulance after emergency "999" telephone calls showed that 51.7% of these journeys were unnecessary. Medical cases accounted for a greater percentage of necessary calls than did trauma and surgical cases. Medical education of the(More)
The cytochrome complement of Methylophilus methylotrophus and its respiratory properties were determined during batch culture and in continuous culture under conditions of methanol-, nitrogen- and O(2)-limitation. About 35% of the cytochrome c produced by the bacteria was released into the growth medium, and of the remaining cytochrome c about half was(More)
Four hundred and eighty-eight deaths occurring in an accident and emergency department over five years were analysed. Their causes were categorised as medical, surgical, or traumatic. Medical causes accounted for 87% of the deaths, of which 60% were from cardiac conditions. Blood loss was an important factor in over half the deaths from surgical and(More)
A daily hand injury review clinic takes place at East Birmingham Hospital. The purpose of this study is to determine whether this clinic is beneficial in reducing the morbidity of neglected hand injuries, and to compare the running of the clinic with the original criteria laid down at its inception as a "once only' screening clinic. We conclude that such a(More)
In three patients with acute torsion of the spleen in the tropics the presenting symptoms included an abdominal mass, pain, and vomiting. In malarious areas adults usually know that they have splenomegaly and hence this fact should be ascertained in the clinical history. In an acute abdominal catastrophe, with a palpable tumour and a history of known(More)
A case is described in which a patient presented with a rupture of the flexor pollicis longus tendon resulting from an ununited scaphoid fracture. No similar case appears to have been reported in the literature. This was not an attrition rupture and the mechanism is explained. The proximal pole of the scaphoid was removed and the tendon repaired. The(More)
A simple cost effective survey to assess the need for a rehabilitation service for individuals disabled by poliomyelitis was carried out making the maximum use of the existing government administration. The field team consisted solely of a medical officer and a health officer. The prevalence rate for paralytic poliomyelitis in the Mbeya region of Tanzania(More)
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