Austina S S Clark

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Prazosin, a putative alpha 1-noradrenergic antagonist, reduced nuclear estrogen receptor levels in the hypothalamus and preoptic area of the estrogen-primed guinea pig. Noradrenergic transmission may alter steroid-dependent processes and neuroendocrine function through actions on steroid-concentrating cells.
Intact male rats were tested on two successive weekly tests with females to determine their level of sexual activity. Nuclear estrogen receptor content was measured in specific brain regions of individual sexually responsive and sexually nonresponsive males. Sexually nonresponsive male rats had significantly reduced nuclear estrogen receptor levels in the(More)
Anesthetics such as pentobarbital have been used to infer a role of neural activity in several neuroendocrine responses. The present experiments tested the hypothesis that neural activity during estrogen priming is necessary for the induction of sexual receptivity. Sexual behavior was induced in ovariectomized female rats by two pulses of unesterified(More)
The effectiveness of single vs. separate pulses of low doses of free estradiol on the induction of sexual receptivity in ovariectomized female rats was examined. Two separate subcutaneous pulses of low doses of free estradiol at 0 and 6 hours induced high levels of progesterone facilitated receptivity at 24 hours. However, a single pulse of the same total(More)
Pharmacological studies have suggested that neurotransmitter activity impinging on steroid-concentrating cells can affect the steroid receptor system within those cells, modifying behavioral responses to the hormone. The present experiments revealed that the alpha 1-noradrenergic antagonist prazosin, administered to ovariectomized rats at the time of each(More)
BACKGROUND The clinical estimation of pupil size and reactivity is central to the neurological assessment of patients, particularly those with or at risk of neurological damage. Health care professionals who examine pupils have differing levels of skill and training, yet their recordings are passed along the patient care pathway and can influence care(More)
The interval between two pulses of estradiol was varied and subsequent progesterone-facilitated female sexual behavior was observed. The total dose of estradiol (2 micrograms free estradiol) has been shown previously to elicit little receptivity when administered in a single pulse. In the present study, two pulses of 1.0 microgram free estradiol separated(More)
Raman spectroscopy has significant potential for the quantification of food products. Milk powder is an important foodstuff and ingredient that is produced on large scale (over 20 million tonnes per annum). Raman spectroscopy, unlike near- and mid-infrared spectroscopies, has not been used extensively to quantify milk powder constituents. The effect of(More)
This article describes a joint initiative between health professionals and men who had had testicular cancer to set up a self-help group. The aims of this group were, and still are, to provide information and support and to instigate professional education.
A method is presented which maintains mean arterial blood pressure at predetermined values during cerebrovascular occlusion studies in a rat model. The system consists of a pressure measurement apparatus, a pump capable of infusing and withdrawing fluids, and a personal computer to control the infusion and withdrawal rate. An evaluation of the system is(More)